Fort Lauderdale’s North Beach Restaurant & Nightclub Owner Cathy Vassallo Finds ‘Getting Hooked’ Can Be A Good Thing.

Cathy Vassalo owner of Fishtales Restaurant & Night Club with Entertainment Director Scott Williams

Q & A with Wayne Koss   

Photo above: Cathy Vassalo and Scott Williams Entertainment Director of Fishtales Restaurant & Nightclub

Intro:  Cathy Vassallo, the admired owner of Fishtales Restaurant of 33rd Street district North Fort Lauderdale Beach like her neighbor Blue Jean Blues host entertainment nightly and more. Her passion and long hours make this one of the best entertainment venues for live music in greater Fort Lauderdale.

Fishtales, showcase the vast majority of the best entertainers of the area alongside some notable touring artists. A fine stage, plenty of table seating and a dance floor make this a destination venue for adults who like to have a seat and take in fine live music. Notable Fishtales also offers splendid food at very reasonable prices, a cool and friendly attentive staff make this a  second home to the locals that indulge in conversation with people they know alongside the changing clientele that different entertainment acts bring to the establishment.

 Needless to say, the casual atmosphere of the venue inside and on the patio with all these amenities are the makings for beyond the norm enjoyable times.   The activities extend to street block parties every Sunday afternoon in-season among other days that call for something extra festive. It's a great place to join like-minded music fans in a great place that’s exciting and getting better all the time... 

 Fishtales is open 365 days a week so any day you desire a face to face social atmosphere with friendly beings you are certain to find that here. 

Q: What gave you the idea to start Fishtales - How did the name come about.

A. Fishtales - Fish(tales) note the Spelling.

Was named for my love for fishing and all the great tales that come with owning a Restaurant and Nightclub.

My best friend nicknamed me Catfish. After sharing a great bottle of wine with her, the name Fishtales was born.

Q. Why did you choose this area of 33rd Street. 

A. After owning a successful Bar & Grill in Fort Lauderdale for almost 8 years my lease was over and the landlord had raised my rent so high that I needed to find a new  home close to my zip code.

 I loved the charming tree-lined street. It seemed to me it was the last up and coming area by the beach. The fact that I could own a place so close to the beach and 2 short blocks from the Intracoastal was a dream come true. I opened Fishtales on 33rd Street on September 1, 2006. 

 The same day I closed Big Game Bar & Grill on Federal Highway. It weighed heavy on my mind not to lose loyal customers and dedicated employees. When I first opened, it took everything I had financially just to open the doors. 

 It was a carryover from Big Game Bar & Grill. As time went on I felt I needed to change from Bar & Grill to a Restaurant Nightclub. I will be forever upgrading.  

That's just what makes me happy!

Q. Did you plan to be a premier Entertainment  Destination.

 A. I can not honestly say it was planned from the beginning. But at some point, it became a driving passion to own and operate a Live music venue with the best entertainers, great food with a late night kitchen.  

Q. What are some of your most interesting nights at the establishment.

A. That's the thing in this business you just never know what characters might just walk in the door. But I can tell you this, my life has never been boring.

Q. What do you feel are the most challenging issues with Fishtales these days.

A. The hours. This business consumes you. Every day is a party!

Having a private life from work is nonexistent good thing I love what I do!

Q. Are you open every Day of the year - You appear to be.

A. We are open 365 days a year. I have never closed except when the city made me for Hurricane evacuation.  Holidays are busy times because everyone one knows I never close.

Q. What are your future plans for Fishtales that are much different from what is happening now.

A. More and More of the same just bigger and better.

Q. How would you describe your place briefly.

A. Fishtales  Restaurant & Nightclub is a live music venue. with incredible food located close to the beach. We serve Seafood, Steak and Chicken. Nightly Gourmet specials prepared by Chef Jonas. 

 Our Kitchen is open for lunch at 11 am and closed at midnight during the week and 1 am on weekends. Monday evening we host a Legends dinner show. Featuring a tribute to all the great legends. Tuesday thru Sunday Happy hour 5 pm to 8 pm then Full Bands 9 to 1 am weekends until 2 am 

Its a happening place to say the least. If you enjoy dancing this is a great place.

Its a lot of work to make it happen. But a lot of fun and when I get a chance to take a step back and soak up the energy in the room that's makes it all worthwhile.

Fishtales Entertainment


Fishtales Restaurant & Nightclub is known for their strong entertainment line up Entertainment line up link: 

Fishtales also entertains with some fine food at reasonable prices


Gene Loves Jezebel and JP Too - Live at Fishtales Restaurant & Nightclub

 On the evening of January 13th, Fishtails Restaurant & Nightclub entertained with Gene Loves Jezebel in a spirited intimate performance for local nice guy and notable architect Jean-Pierre "JP" da Silva owner, Florida Engineering, Design & Construction Corp.   Front-man of the band, Mike Aston had the audience in the palm of his hands all evening with tales of humor and great song. He expressed how special of an evening it was for him recognizing his longtime friend JP who is battling cancer--yet on a good note he's winning. The openness with the audience felt like Aston and his band was performing a living room concert for his friends and family. Owner and host of Fishtales, Cathy Vassallo, and Fishtales Entertainment Director Scott Williams kept the evening's activities in a joyful stream.  Wayne Koss

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Fishtales Staff to participate in Florida Volley Bowl Games May 19th @ the Ocean Manor Beach Resort


Join the Fishtales Staff for Florida Volley Bowl 19 at the Ocean Manor Beach Resort with a host of area restaurant staff teams gather for fun in the sun and to help raise money for foster children...  more info link