PHOTO: Kelly Brothers Irish Pub stage is a big spotlight of activity with fine entertainment almost


PHOTO: Kelly Brothers Irish Pub stage is a big spotlight of activity with fine entertainment almost nightly. Performers include traditional Irish bands to blues, rock, jazz and beyond. A steady stream of the areas top talents fill the schedule. Even longtime Fort Lauderdale Mayor Jack Seiler (Above - Center blue shirt) is known to take the stage here for a song or two. Pub owner Peter Kelly resides to his left with his Brothers in Arms about.

By Wayne Koss  | FloridaysUSA.com  

And So The Story Goes...

Perhaps the only thing that could have brought about more structural change within the address of this U.S. 1 and North Federal Highway corner of Fort Lauderdale would have been  a massive blaze or major hurricane.

Fortunately, it was the upside works of owner Peter Kelly who had envisioned the establishment being rendered into this atmosphere when he bought the venue. “It was a mess when I took over. It was dark and smoky. I use to feel like we were walking into a smoky chimney—it was that bad,”  Kelly expressed.   

He purchased the property in 2013 and hired his brother Paul and renamed it to its current title. Sadly Paul who was always the congenial bartender here since the exchange of ownership by the brothers passed away earlier this year just after the dramatic change that he helped create for the neighborhood.    

“Everybody loved my brother. If you knew him for an hour or 10 years he made an impression on you. He always knew what to say to people to make them feel better and helped so many in so many ways. From natural health issue remedies, exercising... or just to put a smile on their face.  Insistently and constantly from everybody—not just a few people, come up and express such kind words about him and how he helped them in ways that I never knew about. God bless him. He touched a lot of souls,” brother Peter said.   

The recent makeover was not piecemeal. The interior of both floors were completely gutted to make for a modern feel lounge with a fine entertainment house sound and light system to accommodate the vast entertainment schedule of top area performers.   

From the voices of staff, musicians, vendors and customers, its gone from a friendly neighborhood joint to an even more friendly neighborhood establishment with a plethora of uptown amenities without the upward prices.  Additionally, Kelly Brothers Irish Pub does not have area parking fee at this mall location docked on the corner of U.S.1 and Oakland Park Blvd. So needless to say, very much appreciated. After all, savings like this can buy a pint or two of more cheer. 

Also mates, the best things in Irish life—yeah the Guinness, Irish fare of Shepherd’s pie, Fish & Chips, Irish sliders..  and  good folk qualities of meeting face to face are still here without change. However, the world within these walls has changed significantly and its all good. Speaking of good things--some are great too. 

“Everything here is brand new from our kitchen equipment, air conditioning and beer systems, the floors, the walls, wiring, Its a brand new place. Took me 9-months to get the balcony approved upstairs. We’re now one of the few bars in town that has an outdoor balcony. When purchased, the upstairs was utilized for storage, therefore the upstairs did not exist for customers. We spent a lot of time and money, and with the result, I could not be happier,” Kelly conveys. 

We also have great chefs that can provide anything you want from filet mignon to lobster and everything in between. So we have some of the best food you’ve ever experienced in an Irish Pub. Moe Raufman is from Italy.  He’s been a chef his entire life. Our other Chef is Iggy Pusceddu. 

“Word is that ‘we have some of the best Italian food in the area’  because we have an Italian chef. We have customers who bring in fresh fish to cook and they give us a big chunk of it too. Its gratifying to know they choose to have it prepared and cooked with us.” Kelly Said. 

 I can truly say we serve some of the best fish you’ve ever tasted. We buy the freshest fish. I’ve been around the city restaurants and most are getting $50 for a sea bass or salmon and ours is $20 and better!”,  He expresses. 

These words being said gave me a great inclination to place a food order on a subsequent visit. I am not here to do an epicurean review. Yet I’ve partaken in the vast majority of the finer restaurants the area has to offer.  if they are close I’m in. For this is an establishment that offers prompt service with a smile. Everything I tasted is true to the words expressed by Mr. Kelly.  

Besides the culinary delights, craft beer, and fresh atmosphere, this is now a destination venue for some of the areas best music artists performing in great frequency. On weekends top area bands fill the schedule and the establishment.  The format mainly caterers to Blues, Rock and Jazz bands. The quality entertainment flow is at the level of the upper entertainment venues throughout south Florida as well.   

Most notable on Wednesday evening from 7 PM  a Blues Over Easy jam host several of the top local musicians performing while many others sit back as patrons and enjoy the good vibes. This always provides incredible music that renders a unique experience among the assembled talents. The spontaneity makes it extra special on these evenings. You never know quite what your getting. All you know is its going to be something really good for your music mind and vibe nature.

The pub has also broken some solid ground in providing a stage for up-and-coming artists on Tuesdays when it host open Mic. On this evening the artists flock presents “Poetry, singer/songwriters, instrumentalist to everything in between,” Kelly divulges. 

Also on Tuesdays you can hit the second floor Upper-Deck lounge for games of Poker starting at 7 PM. This too has a strong local draw. 

Comedian Tim Kirby brings a host of Comic’s to Kelly Brothers Irish Pub every other Thursday. This makes for a fine dinner show offering among the showcases in this atmosphere that has a good amount of quality table seating and stage sightlines throughout the room.  

New large HD flat screens also provide a greater intensity of sports action experience in the lounge where people are known to come together in groups for this activity. 

This block is also home to the longstanding major club concert venue Culture Room.  Fans for the neighboring venue walk over before and after shows  making for another interesting influx of customers that range from all walks of life that happens at all times here. 

The Upper-Deck Lounge - Second Floor Room with a view and Outdoor Balcony  If you find this is not enough activity than you are welcome to create your own.  

The Upper- Deck lounge is available for large group gatherings, including private functions with all the amenities and fine staff service available.  Kelly and his happy to be here staff pride themselves in serving the public in this area of social gathering. “We’ve had numerous events in the Upper-Deck. It's a great place to host whatever one can imagine,” Kelly suggest.  

A variety of events take place up here from charity events, office, birthday, bachelor and bachelor parties, sporting events, meditation and yoga classes, office meetings, art classes, celebration of life and holiday parties, among others. In general the space accommodates up to 75 people comfortably. The fine reasonable priced food is a great addition to this function where orders can be made from restaurant menu items or from a catering menu. Enough quality choice items to please even the fickle friends.

The room features a full liquor bar with a private bartender servers as needed, along with a billiard table, dart boards and music sound system with help in selecting entertainment.  Again, notable the outside parking is free.   

With the clean fresh look here at Kelly Brothers Pub customers have started to deck out a bit yet its still very casual, relaxing and unpretentious where no one feels out of place. 

The pub is now a heavy reflection of the neighborhood community and the times and not so heavily steeped in old Irish tradition  of the land across the sea. For owner Peter Kelly, that seems to be the area he wanted to arrive on this journey. 


Kelly Brothers Irish Pub

3045 N Federal Hwy. |  @ Oakland Park Blvd. & US 1

Fort Lauderdale, FL  USA  

954 630 2856   


Serving: lunch, dinner & late night daily: Nightly specials on food & drinks. Large menu that goes well beyond Irish fare. This is not just your friendly conversation bar gathering spot to tip a couple cold ones with the mates. It is steeped in interesting activities to make each visit unique and special. Quality live music—including a Blues Jam on Wednesdays, an open Mic night, and Poker are an enjoyable mix with the good service offerings of tasteful well prepared food.   

Kelly Brothers Irish Pub | Upper-Deck Lounge | 2nd Floor Available for Public Rental

A private spacious lounge featuring: Delicious food menu, Full liquor bar with a private bartender, billiards, poker, darts, music... 

Upper-Deck Lounge bookings and more info: 954 870 4883 

Patio & Balcony allows smoking.   

 Hours:  Mon. - Thurs. 11AM - 2AM | Fri. & Sat. 1AM - 3AM | Sun.: Noon - 2AM   

Kelly Brothers Irish Pub's Upper-Deck Lounge on the second floor also features an outdoor patio...
Kelly Brothers Irish Pub's Upper-Deck Lounge on the second floor also features an outdoor patio...

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